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Jesse Bruce
Higher Self
Higher Self
Nov 14, 2021
In Announcements
We will be launching the new website, and with it, a whole host of new features to sail the Astraldynamics community toward better ventures. Here is a full list of features that we will implement: Consolidation: We have made an effort to consolidate as much as possible into a single Astraldynamics website.,, are now redundant with the new website as their replacement. This means that the people from those domains can transition to our more superior and unified platform. New Look, New Host, And No More Problems! We were experiencing a whole host of problems before, but now that Astraldynamics has partnered with Wix (one of the worlds leading website hosts), those problems are gone for good! We can now provide you with a stable, high-performance, and feature-rich platform so that we can worry less about issues and concentrate more on growing our community and developing more products. New Forums: Folks from will notice some similarities and some differences with the new forum. We have worked together with our users to improve upon the old in order to make way for the new. But the forum is not all that we have added. Nurturing Our Community: With our new membership system, you can now develop your social profile, establish friendships, chat with others directly, and keep track of messages and other goings on through notifications in your account. Astraldynamics has never been more social! And we are just getting started. Easy Access Products: No more product emails or codes! You now only need to login and our intelligent system will detect whether or not you have access to those products or not. Any online products that you have purchased would have automatically been assigned to your new membership account. And from now on, any online products that you purchase will be assigned to the same account. If you do have access to those online products, you now only need to open the products page and select the product to access all its contents. Easy, right? Silver Membership: Time and time again we hear that you want to be more involved with Astraldynamics. More inside-media, more social engagement, and the like. Well, we listened. The Silver Membership is our latest product; a monthly subscription service that will elevate your membership status to premium. With this, you get access to insider content, such as blogs and videos, a private forum among other premium members, and in it, the opportunity to socialize with Robert Bruce and his Astraldynamics team, to ask those burning questions that you want answers to, get professional help and feedback on your spiritual practices, and more! We thank you for your patience and support during the development of this project. This was a massive undertaking. But we are proud to announce that the new Astraldynamics platform will be launching soon, and with it, an exciting future ahead.

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