Take advantage of my 40+ years of success with spiritual evolution and psychic abilities. Learn everything you need to totally transform your life, no matter who you are or where you're from. Choose any program below to get instant access online. It's all risk-free and comes with our money-back guarantee.

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FREE Energy Work Primer

A completely free masterclass for new energy workers… Try my safe, effective techniques to awaken your energy body and raise your consciousness for the first time​.



How to receive priceless spiritual counsel… Let my lifetime of experience with out-of-body experiences, energy work, and psychic self-defense help to solve your problems.



Why most humans have no luck with psychic abilities and what to do about it… Discover how to ignite real spiritual growth in your life.


Raising Kundalini

Learn my proven techniques to raise your Kundalini… How to ignite your Chakras, turbocharge your energy, and have the ultimate spiritual experience.


Magic Of The Higher Self

Harness the divine magic of your higher self to finally manifest the life you deserve… Discover the true secret to spiritual power.


Astral Projection Mastery

Here’s the ultimate guide to instant success with astral projection… Learn how to have an out of body experience… My proven 3-Step Strategy will work even if you failed in the past.


Defense Against The Dark Arts

Your first aid guide to psychic self-defense… You’re about to learn “Martial Arts” against demons, dark energy, and negative people… Techniques even a five year old could do.


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