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I'd like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions I receive regularly about who I am, how Astral Dynamics works, and what my personal beliefs and goals are...

Hey, Robert Bruce here.

The question some of you are probably asking is: "Who is Robert Bruce?"

On the surface, I'm actually a pretty normal guy, but I have lived through some extraordinary psychospiritual events.

I reached a time in my life where I had to find a way to develop my mystical and "psychic" abilities. I had to actually step into The Greater Reality if I was ever going to survive what life was throwing my way.

It wasn't exactly easy to "figure it all out". I spent many years reading mountains of books, listening to "motivational tapes", going to seminars, sitting in development circles, working in healing centers, sitting in the dark, and generally trying out a lot of whacky ideas.

Some of it worked but most of it didn't. I kept what worked and discarded the rest. Mostly, I had to work things out for myself until I finally started to get somewhere.

In my late 30's this culminated in an actual visit from a master who materialized in the room with me and gave me instruction. I was standing and about to turn out the overhead light, to begin my early evening meditation. If I had had a recording device with me I could have recorded this voice.

The master instructed me to learn from myself, to follow my own personal experience in all things, as this was the only way I would make progress. In a nutshell, the master taught me to apply Scientific Method to spirituality and metaphysics.

Further to this, the master taught me how to dismantle my belief systems and to examine everything with experience-based logic.

When I did this, which was an incredibly difficult thing to do, I started making real progress. Everything changed from that point onwards.

And now I want to teach you everything I have learned. I will spare you the time, trouble, and pain I had to suffer through in order to get to where I am today

About Robert Bruce

It's Personal...

When I discovered astral projection there were no books on the subject available to me. I had no one to talk to at all about this. Part of the reason for this was that, at the start of it all, I was barely 3 years old. I would try to tell my mother what had been happening, but she'd just smile and pat me on the head. So I learned to keep the most unusual things in my life to myself.


When I grew into a young man there was no Amazon.com, no online websites, or Internet forums for chatting and finding information. I was on my own except for books, family and friends, occasional meditation groups, and development circles. I read books by the wheelbarrow load!

The truth is, as I became an adult I naturally became desperate to learn anything I could that fitted in with my extensive personal experience. I spent the first twenty years of my adulthood searching for answers.

People and so-called experts were not helpful either, as my personal experience never fitted in with their beliefs. So either I was a total nutcase, or something was decidedly rotten in Denmark.

The glaring contradictions regarding my personal experience continued. For example, it was commonly believed that astral projection was only safe for the spiritually evolved and mature, something that should only be done by evolved people in their thirties onwards. But what about the thousands of astral projections I'd had as a child? This was like telling me there was something wrong with me because I breathed and ate and slept every day.

In a sense, all this resistance was a gift, because it forced me to develop my psychic abilities through independent thinking and hard work. In fact, I invented all my own techniques for skills like astral projection, energy work, kundalini activation, clairvoyance, and aura viewing. Typically, I would get some ideas from books and try out various techniques, and then create new ones that worked better. My system of body awareness energy work is a great example of this principle in action.

The lack of clear information out there, and the glaring contradictions with the available information and my own personal experience that I found everywhere, enabled me to avoid "analysis paralysis" and get right to the core of the evolutionary process, so I could start accessing what I called The Greater Reality. 

Today, through my books, workshops, and programs, I've helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world—people just like you—learn to enliven their psychic powers and explore mysticism, through my best-selling books, international seminars, and this very resource, Astral Dynamics.


The central theme of this site and all that I do in my life is SPIRITUAL REFORMATION.

I want to change the world. More specifically, I want to give the NEWAGE world a more Experience-Based foundation.

My partners, Timothy and Jesse, and I co-created the Astral Dynamics movement to provide an education for the millions of people around the world who desperately need and want to transform their spiritual lives through their own personal experiences.

We hold 3 core beliefs:

1.    Spirituality is for everyone

  • There are no prerequisites for success with spirituality and developing psychic abilities. Literally, anyone can do it. If you're a human being, and you have the desire and motivation, then you're able to succeed. We, humans, are naturally gifted with spirituality. It doesn't matter what your genetics or past lives are. We are a spiritually gifted species.

2.    It is our moral duty to evolve

  • When we observe nature, we see evolution taking place everywhere. In this sense, we hold evolution to be a natural obligation for humans. This is called spirituality – the conscious act of personal spiritual evolution.

3.    Research and exploration

  • Dogma and blind belief MUST be challenged through hard personal experience and healthy debate.  Just because things are written in ancient books does not mean they are true. Ask MORE questions!

When enough people realize these things we will enter a new paradigm of enlightenment and evolutionary progress.​ Given the current state of our world, however, this needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Our Goals

Our goals are logical extensions and reflections of our beliefs. We are:

1.    Creating the world's first education system that truly shows you how to develop your psychic and spiritual abilities.

  •  We are constructing a curriculum of training programs that show you how to do everything from astral projection, energy work, and kundalini raising, to understanding and embracing your Higher Self, activating your clairvoyance, and much more.

  • This is the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum of real mystical and psychic training ever made. It's the first of its kind to ever exist.

2.    Techniques that are proven to work.

  • All of our material is original and dynamic.

  • We either invented or discovered the main techniques and strategies and thinking that we present. And all of this has survived rigorous testing over decades of trials with thousands of people.

3.    Making the information easy to access.

  • We use modern language in all of our spiritual material to make it easier for contemporary readers to understand. 

  • We deliver all our content in the most technologically sound way– instantly online, for your convenience. Not only that, most of our programs are in high-definition video format, featuring live demonstrations of everything we teach, for the most immersive and detailed learning experience ever.

4.    Making money fairly.

  • The truth is we are nurturing an educational business here, so it needs to make some money to thrive and to grow. Otherwise, these resources could not exist.

  • We do our very best to provide you the most enjoyable and intellectually satisfying experience we can. If you're ever unhappy with something, just let us know and we'll do our best to take care of it.

  • We are a family business with a big heart.

5.    Growing a spiritual movement that empowers the human race to enter the next phase of human evolution is an ambitious goal. But there is no other way.

  • We will achieve this goal through education and practice, through doing good work, and thus the creation of Astral Dynamics resources fulfills these special needs.

You are invited.

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